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Tabernacle Study

Aaron frequently gave a ten-lesson series on the Tabernacle. From his diligent study of the word, he began to visualize a chart to use to help explain these lessons. Later he had this chart upgraded as pictured here.

The chart below gives an overview of Aaron’s love for detail and for the types and shadows the first tabernacle portrayed. He would give this series at Numidia Mennonite Bible School and in Summer Bible Schools in the various churches. In the NMBS series, he along with other teachers would use a booklet entitled Big Ten Tabernacle Topics by Glenn M. Jones.

These studies highlighted the holiness of God and His intense desire to dwell among His people. As one sister said, Bro Aaron had a way of making us want to be a part of God’s people today. Many of his students can fondly recall the energy and vigor that Aaron put into these studies. One student wrote about the series, “It is sometimes said that Exodus and Deuteronomy are especially dull and uninteresting, but this study helps me realize how full of meaning they are. This study has been a help for me in my salvation experience.”