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Revelation Chart

Aaron loved prophecy. Aaron understood prophecy would be fulfilled literally and he studied the prophetic word diligently to see what profile best answered to the many prophetic passages. He made many drawings, and eventually Justin M. Ebersole offered to commit these drawings in a computerized format.

Aaron believed that time may be described as a parenthesis in the vast scope of eternity. He saw God’s working with mankind as being in dispensations. Not the dispensationalism that renders parts of the New Testament as irrelevant, but the kind of dispensations that firmly anchors God’s Word to the era of time for which it was written.

The chart which is given below highlights dispensations, it highlights the destinies of mankind and the difference in the place of departed spirits in the Old Dispensation from the New. It highlights the difference when Christ comes for His Church and when He comes with His Church. It highlights the themes of the book of Revelation. It highlights the different judgments, one for the Saints and another Great White throne judgment at the end of the Thousand Year Reign.

What a blessed hope we who are reigning with Christ now have as we anticipate our Lord’s soon return for His own. Let us live faithfully every day!