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Our Response to County Sunday School Associations

Most counties have an Interdenominational Sunday School Association which seeks to involve all the Sunday Schools of their county in their activities. They usually make repeated attempts to fulfill their purposes. Rehrersburg was recently asked again to open her doors for a meeting of the Berks County Sunday School Association. We publish our response here for whatever benefit it may be to others who may be approached for a similar purpose. 

Dear Madam,
Thank you for considering us in your Berks County Sunday School Association plans.
As you possibly know from past experience, and from the records, we have not at any time participated or shared in the activities of your Association. Our particular group of Mennonites has always had an emphasis against participation in interdenominational and ecumenical movements.
The reason for this is that we believe in, and practice, a Biblical separation and literal observance of the New Testament Ordinances that most or all the Interdenominational groups have departed from or never did practice.
An example of this would be unveiled women with cut hair and men with long hair. We take the Bible seriously and literally when it says that it is a shame for woman to be unveiled and "shorn or shaven" and for a man to have long hair. Immodest dress, jewelry and "make up" would be other examples of digression from simple Bible teachings.
Our problem is that we believe when we open our doors for, and participate in the activities of groups who ignore these "forever settled Bible principles we weaken our testimony and jeopardize our own faithfulness in these areas.
Our services are always open to the public and visitors are always welcome to meet with us in our regular and special meetings, and are encouraged to accept for their own practices these Bible principles.
I trust this clarifies for you and your Association our reason for declining your request to hold a Berks County Sunday School Association meeting at the Rehrersburg Mennonite Meeting House.
Very respectfully,

Aaron M. Shank